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Life with Baby by jackfreak1994

This is cuteness wrapped in cuteness with cuteness sprinkles on top! This is probably a more accurate depiction of Stitch's future than...

Do you want to build a Snowman? by jackfreak1994

So far it seems this song is everywhere. Whether it be fan made versions of the song or comics based off the song such as this. All tho...


To all the people commenting, asking questions, or waiting for theres to be answered: sorry it's taking so long, these next three months are about to get crazy. But the Ask the Clarktoon comics will come back!
Sat Oct 18, 2014, 10:27 PM
Fri Oct 17, 2014, 7:52 AM
Hellooo? Anyone here? *voice echos*
Sun Oct 5, 2014, 11:57 AM
AL-X are you still with Pogo?
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 1:10 AM
The shouter below is telling the truth.
Tue Aug 5, 2014, 6:48 PM
The shouter above is lying.
Tue Aug 5, 2014, 6:48 PM
Hey, pizza monster, have you ever heard of curry-topping pizza?
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 7:33 PM
Say, Smash It Sue, how are things as of late?
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 7:17 PM
Hey there folks, this is the Ask the Clarktoons shout box! If you gotta question for a Clarktoon you want answered, shout it out here!
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 2:27 PM

Who should Blueberry dress up as for Halloween? 

7 deviants said Maleficent
5 deviants said Elsa or Anna from Frozen
3 deviants said Other (comment below)

Double Memes...

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 9:16 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

Hey there people of today and robots of tomorrow!
It's me, CK!

I got tagged.
With a meme.
But at least this time it isn't that gosh dang annoying '10-interesting-facts-and-a-bunch-of-useless-questions' meme. Ugh, that meme is as overplayed as Pharrell Williams music. I was tagged by ThyneOwnSlave, the crazy waterstain with a majorly overly complicated backstory. Seriously, it's like trying to explain the entire Lord of the Rings movie franchise in under 60 seconds. But I didn't stop there, since fellow Monster creator AnimatedTigerGirl also made a meme. She didn't tag me, but the meme looked so fun I just had to do it!

1) Real name: 
Clark’s the name, cartooning is my game!

2) Nicknames:
To some I as known as the Autistic Cartoonist. The Wizard of Pagonia. The Flash on Wheels! That tall goofy giraffe! Or most commonly, I am known as CK! And in case any of you are going to ask, NO! I do not know what CK stands for…

3) Favorite color:
Purple, Orange, and Blue are my colors. You can tell because those are my first real character’s three main colors.

4) Male or female:
I’d like to think I’m male. Although, I have been drawn as a female before and it was really, really weird…

5) Elementary School:
I had a great time there! I was actually popular back there. Back then I was really into Dr. Seuss and everyone thought I could be the next great Author and Illustrator. For a while, I thought I had a career in books as well. I mean, I had spent enough time in the library. I also spent a lot of time on stage, playing a Christmas hating T-Rex, a dog, or various other characters.

6) Middle School:
Sucked. Majorly. Did not like Middle School at all. Around this time I started getting into comic strips and cartoons, but also around this time I learned what bullying felt like and for the entire sixth grade everyone in my grade teased on me for believing in Santa Claus and being excited for Christmas. True, I did just move to that school, but there was a guy who literally had no arms in my class. He had arms sticking out of his sides and no one harassed him!

7) High School:
If I had to do it over again, I might. Those were some of my best years. I was ironically the school’s wolf mascot (ironically, being I was afraid of wolves at the time), I played Grinch in Seussical, it was some of my best work!

8) College: 
Animation Academy is kind’a like that. It’s a great –if not expensive- opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the graphic design world and all it’s working parts. It’s also a great chance for me to make friends and discuss nerdy stuff. What kids show were creepy, what’s the catchiest TV theme song, what superhero is underrated-

Actually, this seems to be our whole day. xD

9) Hair Color:
Rust brown. It used to be just blond, but I guess my head was tired of looking pale and wanted to throw some color in.

10) Tall or Short:
As a person, I’m tall. As a giraffe, I’m short. I’m like 5’7 at the moment and hope to get to six feet at least once in my life.

11) Sweats or Jeans:
I’m usually a jean guy, since I don’t like sweating. But given the fact that I ride a bike…

12) Phone or Camera:
You can’t play Poker Night 2 on a camera.

13) Health freak:
Not really. Despite the fact that I ride a bike and run fast, I get tired out very easily. Of course, it might help if I drank more water instead of orange soda… Naaaaaaah.

14) Orange or Apple:
Orange soda! Just gimme a can and I’m a jolly man!

15) Do you have a crush on someone:
I did. Once. Now I don’t.

16) Eat or Drink:
I eat pizza and orange soda!

17) Piercings:
I’m a dude. And more importantly, I’m a dude who’d prefer not to have a super huge, super ugly hole in my ear. I’ve seen some people with earing holes big enough to fit a finger through it! That should NOT be in some person’s ear!

18) Pepsi or Coke:

19) Been in an airplane:
Maybe once, but I was so small back then I couldn’t remember. Since then I have gained a fear of heights and fear of planes so I highly doubt I’d ever get into a plane after that.

20) Been in a relationship:
In the “real world”? Uh, no. In the world of Clarksburg however, I’m in a relationship with the Okapi turned leopard called Kelly Daine. But who knows? Maybe she does exist somewhere in the real world too. I’d like to think so.

21) Been in a car accident:
I personally haven’t, but I know people who have. It’s times like this I’m grateful I ride a bike.

22) Been in a fist fight:
This is one of those rare cases where I have something in common with Batman: I don’t need to fight when I scare. But my tactics differ from Batman. While he likes to be quiet and creepy, I spaz out and freak out my opponent where they start to question whether I’m human, toon, or something else entirely. :mwahaha:

24) Best friends:
Of course there’s all of you friends here on deviantART. There are quiet a few it’d take forever to list. Friends like SIM-N, Thyne, Herp-Derp, Kim, AnimatedTigerGirl, Disney-Manga, all those guys. But my best friend forever definitely has to be everyone’s favorite reptile: Crocie. He’s been my friend since age 2 and we’ve been on a lot of adventures. We’re probably gonna be friends until the men in big white coats come and take me away.

:iconcrocie-plz:: Its true, big men in white coats will take him away.

25) First award:
It took me FOREVER until I won anything! And when I did, I won some kind’a goody basket for reading the most books during Seuss Week. It seems part of my life will forever be intertwined with Seuss and his wubulous world!

27) First word:

28) Last person you talked to: 
Do the little voices in my head count?

29) Last person you thought of: 
ThyneOwnSlave She did tag me with this meme after all. That crazy waterstain!

30) Last person you texted:
My mom.

31) Last persons you watched a movie with:
I watched The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Crane by myself this morning. Lately I’ve been trying to scare myself before I take the bike ride to Animation Academy. Yesterday I came pretty dang close after watching Garfield’s Halloween Adventure. Before you say it, look the special up and pay close attention to the old man talking. Creepy!

32) Last food you ate:
Doritos, of the Nacho Cheese variety. The others are just bad. And of course I had an orange soda to go with it.

34) Last song you listened to:  







35) Last thing you bought:
I recently bought It’s A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie on Blu-Ray. I had it on DVD in my Christmas trunk, and I plan on replacing it with the Blu edition. Next I plan on saving some of that money to make other people merry for Christmas. That, and they’re releasing Mickey’s Once and Twice Upon a Christmas on Blu-Ray as well…

36) Last person you hugged: 
My mom 

37) Food:
Pizza. Extra Cheese, Pepproni, it’s the only way to play!

38) Drink:
Orange soda, as if I haven’t made this point painfully obvious by now.

39) Bottoms: 
The bottom of an idea. Because usually you build up from there and make something great! Or you make a really bad idea that sucks. Either way.

40) Flower:
Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors. I wouldn’t like to meet him in real life though…

41) Animal:
Gorillas. How many of you out there were expecting me to say either giraffe or crocodile? 

42) Superhero:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!



43) Movie:
WALL•E. It’s a beautiful story that was perfectly executed. It’s a Sci-Fi, a romantic comedy, an animated masterpiece!

44) Subject:

HAVE YOU EVER: (Put an X in the brackets if yes)
45) [X] (insert random question here?)

46) [X] celebrated Halloween.
Any Holiday that supports dressing up, scaring the poo out’a people, and then getting free candy for it is all right with me! This year I am dressing up as an Aperture Science Test Subject!

47) [X] had your heart broken. 
My school crush. Both our friendship and any affection I might have had for her ended in Middle School. I figured we’d be friends forever. Looks like I was wrong…

48) [ ] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone.

49) [ ] had someone like you.

51) [ ] got pregnant. 

52) [ ] had an abortion. 

53) [X] did something you regret.
More times than I can count. After that I make sure I know what I’m doing… and I still goof up. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

54) [X] broke a promise.
Every time I do, I feel like I’m letting someone down. When I was a kid, I swore I wouldn’t be an adult and not become a hypocrite! They break promises and lie so many time it’s like clockwork to them, even if they’re great people. I can’t become that.

55. [X] hid a secret.
The Crush. Then my little brother shouted it out loud… Thanks bro…

56) [ ] pretended to be happy.
I don’t have to, I’m always happy!

57) [X] met someone who changed your life.
AlphaBeta90, that sonuv’a mongoose got me hooked on deviantART and showed me a way to spread my artwork and happiness to other. So thanks a lot you robotroll!

58) [X] pretended to be sick.
More times than I could count! It never worked…

59) [ ] left the country.
No, but I was almost born in Germany! 

60) [X] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it.

61) [X] cried over the silliest thing. 

62) [X] ran a mile.
Freak’n P.E. class.

:iconfreak-plz:: What’d I do?

63) [ ] went to the beach with your best friends.

64) [X] got into an argument with your friends.
That’s how a few ended actually…

65) [X] disliked someone.
Some people can just be a-holes sometimes…

66) [ ] stayed single for 2 years since the first time you had a boyfriend/girlfriend

68) Eating:
Nothing. I was just eating a bag of Doritos though. Mmmmmm, Doritos.

69) Drinking:

70) Listening: 
The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and Gary Hoey’s version of You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. My mind is currently trapped between two Holidays.

72) Plans for today:
And here’s the reason why: I’ve got to finish a Holiday card for the Holiday Marketplace, and I also have to finish to final Halloween comics. Both one of the comics and the card is Aliens of the Rock (hence the Gary Hoey music) and the other comic is a Monster Mash I hope you will all enjoy. It’s very nostalgic.

73) Want to become:
Thyne kind’a had the right idea. I wanna be doing what I love. Making stories, making characters, I want Crocie’s name to go down in history some day! I want to make movies, video games, graphic novels, books, anything I can! But most importantly, I wanna bring humor and entertainment to everyone. Because someone’s gotta do it.

74) Want kids: 
Maybe. Yeah, sure, I’d like to have a kid. They’d be beautiful like their mother and crazy like their father. They’d play with Crocie, they’d watch their own version of Ninja Turtles (because the franchise will be refreshed again by their time), they’ll ask me for help on homework I can’t help them with, and most importantly I will let them know who their father is! I’ll be their best friend, their worst enemy, and maybe I could even be a Ninja Turtle to them.

75) Want to get married:
As long as the love is built on the foundations of true and not forced love, then heck ya! But I want some participation in the planning and I don’t want it to be a normal, boring wedding. Something tells me I’ll be walking down the aisle with a Big Bird necktie! :XD:

76) Career:
#73 pretty much answered this. But as of this point, I’d like to make a career of my art. I’d also like to do something in animation…

77) Lips or eyes:
Blue eyes with glasses in front of them.

78) Shorter or Taller:
TALLER! At least six feet tall.

79) Romantic or spontaneous:
All of the above!

80) Pets:
I had some dogs once, but I couldn’t take care of them and my brother was allergic to them all. So a cat might be the way to with me. For the most part they’re pretty dependent and don’t annoy you as long as you change their litter and feed’m. I’d name mine Odie.

81) Nice or strict parent:
I’ve been blessed to have a really great parent who, despite all the odds, manages to handle me and my brother without fail.

82) Hook-up or relationship:
Relationship. There’s a KD for every CK

83) Looks or personality:
Unless I get muscles or let my beard grow out., I don’t think there’s much you can do about my looks. As for the personality, I don’t really think that’ll change much either. I’ll still be the goofball cartoonist I am today.

84) Lost glasses/contacts:
Not really, my glasses are usually right in front of my eyes.

85) Snuck out of a house:
 I'm too goody-goody. That’s right Thyne, I just stole your answer!

86) Held a gun/knife for self defense:
Not unless you count the weapons in Team Fortress 2. BTW, Heavy’s the best!

87) Killed somebody:
Do the little voices inside my head count?

88) Broken someone's heart:

89) Been in love:
I wanna know what love is!

90) Cried when someone died:
I’m not really one to cry when someone dies. Maybe because I know that those people live long, fulfilling lives before they kicked the bucket and that’s all that really matters in the end.

91) Yourself:
I have to! Otherwise I wouldn’t be as funny probably.

92) Miracles:
They happen everywhere.

93) Love at first sight:
Yes. Yes I do. I’ll know her when I see her…

94) Heaven:
Yes, I’d like to think that everyone has their own version of Heaven though.

95) Santa Clause:
Again, I have to. He’s hope, he’s joy, he’s that wondrous place of your childhood imagination that reappears every December. Plus, I’m the Holiday Knight. If I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now would I?

96) Aliens:
I know one, so yeah.

:iconphil-plz:: We prefer the term Cosmic American.

97) Ghosts:
Again, I know one.

:iconbumper-plz:: Boo boo boo!

98. Is there one person you really want to be with right now: 
Kelly Daine

99) Do you know who your real friends are:
I think so.

100) Do you believe in God:
I believe in A god. 

And now, I figured out what mythical creature I am most like!


[ ] You are under 5 feet tall. 

[ ] Most of your clothes are size small or extra small. 

[ ] Outdoors is where you love spending time most.

[x] You are generally kind and positive, but you have a dark mischievous side to yourself as well. 

[ ] The afternoon is your favorite time of day. 

[x] You love natural things.

[x] You tend to look down at your feet or the ground when you walk. 

[ ] You have "flying dreams" often. 

[x] You are full of energy and love to play.

[x] You enjoy making the new, and upgrading the old. 

Total: 5


[x] You love salty foods.

[ ] You love fish and other sea foods.

[ ] You could spend hours on a beach and never get bored.

[x] You are crafty and love art.

[ ] You are able to make many surprising things out of what seems like the most difficult of materials.

[ ] You are a bit "too" playful, and sometimes don't know when it's a good time to get serious. 

[ ] You enjoy water activities, such as water gun/balloon fights, swimming pools, sprinklers, picnics at the beach, etc. 

[x] Not many people know a lot about you, as most of you is a mystery.

[ ] You almost always stare at and/or twirl your straws in your drinks.

[ ] You act tough on the outside, but are actually very soft and sensitive on the inside. 

Total: 3



[x] You are a shut-in and don't enjoy going outside often. 

[x] Night time is your favorite time of day. 

[ ] You are more active during the night than during the day.

[ ] You eat weird things that most of the people you know don't understand or particularly like. 

[ ] You are confident in yourself and have much pride.

[ ] You find entertainment in flirting with others. 

[x] You have an eye for expensive things, and only accept the best of the best.

[ ] You tend to lack sympathy and are often only concerned about yourself. 

[ ] You have a strong distaste for any foods saturated with garlic or grease. 

[ ] You have a bit of a depressing past and therefore distract yourself with the present to try to temporarily forget it.

Total: 3



[ ] A cozy cabin in the woods is your ideal home/vacation home.

[x] Anyone can tell your home/bedroom is owned by none other than you, as it has been modified with your own special style into your own personal "den." 

[ ] You often get upset when you find someone somewhere where they don't belong.

[x] You are among the loyalest in your family/group of friends and would do anything to protect your loved ones.

[x] You enjoy smelling different scents.

[x] You even have an emotional attachment to some scents.

[x] You like your privacy, but are still more than willing to converse and play with your loved ones when the time is right. 

[ ] You tend to be very moody.

[x] You have hurt someone dear to you by saying/doing things you didn't mean to say/do. 

[ ] You love red/dark meat.

Total: 6



[x] You are almost entirely kind and positive. Some may argue you don't even have a bad side to you at all. 

[x] You are often "blind" to the "bad side" of things. 

[x] You love spreading your optimism to others and cheering people up.  

[x] You don't know how to handle "bad people" and "bad actions" well. You may even overreact and have meltdowns.  

[x] You are honest to the point of hurting people or possibly yourself.

[x] You are very ambitious. Sometimes even to the point where you are unable to be realistic.

[x] You love almost everything and everyone. 

[ ] Some people describe you as a bit of a "ditz" or "scatterbrain." 

[x] You love to daydream and lose yourself in fantasy. 

[ ] Plants, such as vegetables, lettuce, and wheat are some of your favorite foods. 

Total: 8



[ ] You are sly and cunning, able to trick and fool almost anyone.  

[ ] You are distant and don't enjoy much company.  

[ ] You enjoy wide open spaces.

[x] You are quite lazy and don't do much physical activity.

[x] But when you do you are able to accomplish amazing physical tasks. 

[ ] You aren't very picky and will eat almost anything given to you.

[x] You love collecting things. 

[x] And you have great difficulty getting rid of/letting them go.

[x] You would do anything to accomplish your own personal dreams and desires.

[ ] Many people fear you, and you like it that way. 

Total: 5



[ ] You must always have a plan for anything you do.

[x] You weigh less than the average weight for your age and height.

[ ] You are taller than 5'10". 

[ ] Your vocabulary is extensive and your way of speaking is sophisticated.

[x] You prefer fighting with your wits and intelligence rather than your physical strength.

[x] You speak more than one language. (sort of)

[ ] You like to keep things formal and are rarely casual about any situation. 

[ ] You are often too serious and sometimes even find it difficult to loosen up. 

[ ] You have taken an archery class.

[x] You are swift on your feet and rarely stumble.  

Total: 4



[ ] You are Irish.

[x] You are often misunderstood. 

[x] You are feared by some people despite the fact you don't even do anything bad to them.

[x] Sometimes you feel invisible and ignored by others.

[x] You love to sing.  

[ ] You are terrible at keeping secrets.

[x] You love antiques.

[x] You enjoy exploring old places. 

[ ] You are not afraid of death. 

[ ] You scream loudly whenever you are scared. 

Total: 6

The good news? I'm deffinetly not an elf. Which is sad, since I always thought they were happy little people who made either shoes or toys.
The bad news? I'm a unicorn... Nuff said!

Now I tag:

:iconanimatedtigergirl: (only with the first meme)
:iconthyneownslave: (only with the second meme)

And finally, I am still accepting Ask the Clarktoon questions for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanuka, all the Holidays between now and New Years. I would especially like it if for most of November we got some questions for the Panicked Turkey. 

  • :iconchaos-the-annoying: @ Anti-Hero -- (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง Are you ready to fight your way through the store to get that perfect gift once the rush to get presents in time for Christmas begins?



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