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Time for some adventures!
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SKETCH = Points 5 points (color) Points 8 points (Black and White)
Weekly Adventure: Sketch BOOM 8 by CKstudiosExplosive Passion by CKstudiosI NEED TO SPEAK TO CAESAR! by CKstudios

COMIC = Points 15 points (sketch) Points 25 points (black and white) Points 50 points (color)
CK One Shot: How to Play Dreidel by CKstudiosCK One Shot - Sexy Psycho by CKstudios CK One Shot: 10 Minutes on Halloween by CKstudios

POSTER = Points 10 points (sketch) Points 20 points (black and white) Points 30 points (color)
Sketch Commission: He Killed Seven with One Blow! by CKstudiosWeekly Adventure: Pizza Power by CKstudiosThe Monova Saga (May the 4th) by CKstudios

STORIES = Points 6 points per chapter
Mickey's Mysterious Masquerade: ProloguePickled pigs and eyes of toads
A spooky house at the end of the road
Enter our hero the Mouse
As he and friends make way to a Haunted House
Cobweb dust and pigeon poo
A duck will soon seal all their doom
For on this day near the Halloween hour
Enter they do to the Terror Tower
You’re Invited…

The door creaked open slowly letting the moonlight creep eerily down the main hall of the Tower of Terror! The light was enough to reveal the monster depicting statues that had grown cobwebs that went all the way up towards the moldy, dusting ceiling boards. No doubt that meant this house was crawling with spiders. The air was filled with the scent of the dust that coated everything in the house from the peeling wallpaper to the leaking pipes. The front hallway alone showed how creepy the Tower was.
The legendary Tower of Terror had been deserted for years. Most people in town believed it to be haunted or some nonsense like that. It had been standing that since its initia
Adventures of CK #12
If iPad Apps Were Real
Hey there people of today and robots of tomorrow! I’m CK. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a giraffe living in an apartment above a theater in New Toontown, USA. I live with my younger brother, a red panda named Red. When you see the two of us together you can tell the family resemblance. As well as being an older brother I am also a cartoonist. Which means I doodle for a living. I enjoy the career that I have chosen, since I still get to keep my childlike imagination and I get to be a kid at heart for just a bit longer.
Besides, being a cartoonist has its advantages. My imagination has taken me to world –neigh- universes that have never been seen before. With characters you wouldn’t normally see at your local grocery store. There are heroes and villains and all the critters in between living in strange places. Cities in black and white, a metallic future, you can even find adventure underground. These are the
Back to the DISNEY Future 1.4Back to the DISNEY Future Part I
   "Okay Doc, here we go," I informed my mallard friend. I had just finished plugging in my portable camera into the television Figment had in the Entertainment part of the ride. We were surrounded by dozens of movie props and a chest full of Dreamfinder's spare purple coats and black top hats. It also held all of Figment's spare yellow and red sweaters with his name on it. No wonder this was the only thing he wore in the future show.
   "Oh, are we watching a movie?" Figment asked as he poofed in the room next to me. He then asked, "Who's got the popcorn?"
   "I do!" Ludwig said as he sat on the other side of me. These two must've spent way too much time together. But then again, I probably spend more time with him now then Figment did. Or at least, I used to spend a lot of time with him.
   Quickly, I shook the thought out of my head and played the tape.

CHARACTERS = Points 5 points (sketch) Points 10 points (color)
Old Time Rock'n Roll! by CKstudiosLo by CKstudiosThree Years and Still Kick'n! by CKstudios

PLAYBOT = Points 50 points
Playbot EMIL-E by CKstudios

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Life with Baby by jackfreak1994

This is cuteness wrapped in cuteness with cuteness sprinkles on top! This is probably a more accurate depiction of Stitch's future than...

Do you want to build a Snowman? by jackfreak1994

So far it seems this song is everywhere. Whether it be fan made versions of the song or comics based off the song such as this. All tho...

Which comic logo below do you prefer? 

7 deviants said Croc's Swamp Gang
5 deviants said the pizza bites
2 deviants said Monster Mash
1 deviant said Aliens of the Rock
1 deviant said Anti-Hero is AWESOME
Hey there people of today and robots of tomorrow!
It's me, CK!

It's time for one of those rare update journals I make every thousand eons where I tell you what's the haps in Clarksburg, USA. First off, as many of you should know by know I am dropping the title CK One Shots in the comics. Instead, the characters will all be featured in their own unique group of comics presented under the title #CKstudios presents. As I write this journal, I am actually working on a few. Two Monster comics, including the triplets (now called the pizza bites), more Anti-Hero, and a one shot featuring the detective vixen Scarlet Foxfire. Since each comic will also get their own title, each comic will also get their own logo. I am working on those logos, and I am liking the results to far! Check'm out:

Aliens of the Rock logo by CKstudiosCroc's Swamp Gang logo by CKstudiosThe Pizza Bites Logo by CKstudiosMonster Mash logo by CKstudiosAnti-Hero is Awesome logo by CKstudios

The logos you see here came from the noggin of you'rs truly, created on the computer and based off small sketches. These are just a few logos for the comics and given all the characters I've got I'm bound to create more logos soon. Tell me in the comments below which one is your favorite out of these five. 

Speaking of comics, that leads me to my next topic.. During the summer my brother Red and I have been heading to the local cinema to see some of Summer's blockbusters. So far we've seen Captain America: The Winter Solider, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and plan on seeing Rise of the Guardians of the Galaxy when it comes to theaters. Wow, this summer is just filled with sequels. But my favorite summer movie so far might possibly be my favorite film of the year - Dawn of the Planets of the Apes. It's so good, I'm writing a review as we speak and a small comic to go along with it. Hopefully I can also use it to once again try and launch the Ask the Clarktoons comics. If you have a question for them, leave it in the comments below as well as your favorite summer movie.

Finally, something unexpected: a meme I stole! The last few memes (with the exception of the OC meme) were boring. So I'm stealing a meme :icondevMontiessor: stole! :mwahaha:

1. How did you join dA?
I already explained that in great detail in my 102 meme.

AlphaBeta90 tricked me into doing it! Back before I was here on dA, I was writing stories on the WALL-E Forum (which sadly no longer exists). It was horrible stuff, but people seemed to like it none the less. Another thing I did was start a thread about a random comic that popped up on Google called WALL-G. It was about a pink trapmaniac version of the WALL-E unit who trapped, well, WALL-E. Much to EVE's distaste.

It made me laugh, and I thought the art was pretty decent. So I posted it up on the Forums and it turned out other people liked it. Somehow AlphaBeta90 found out about it, made an account on the WALL-E Forum, and thanked me for starting the thread. This was before I knew him as a friend, so I totally geeked out about that. I then offered to include WALL-G in my current stories, WALL-E at the Movies. In the stories, WALL-E falls asleep and dreams he's in different movies. Again, it was awful, but AB90 gave me the OK to make WALL-G at the Movies.

The story was, WALL-G comes back after rehab in Paris to try to make amends with her friends. This story was written before SIM-N made LASS-E or DOC-E or even the KST, so by these days it's inaccurate. Still, SIM-N liked it and when I was done we both had the idea that he'd post it on his deviantART page with pictures to go with it.

I look back on this and think, "Oh lord, what the heck was I thinking?"

Still, the idea of a website for posting art intrigued me. On the WALL-E Forum, you can't post artwork like you can on here. So I decided to follow AlphaBeta90 back to artsland and joined the deviantART community. I drew some pictures, wrote Dragul vs. Devil, and the rest is history.

2. What does your username have to do with you?
Well, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I used to imagine I had an animation studio called CLUB KIDs, which made cartoons for a specific age group: kids. Not just small ones, but the kids are heart too. But someone I know who is very smart logically convinced me that this was a bad idea since it might suggest I do work for small tikes only and the older cartoon lovers wouldn't even bother looking at my work. So I changed it to CKstudios, since my fursona's name is CK (aka Clark). 

3. What is your current avatar of?
It's an animated gif of all the artwork my friends drew of me. There are a few missing though, since for some reason people can't seem to stop drawing me. Weird, right?


4. How many watchers do you have, and how many do you watch?
I have 198 watchers, patiently waiting for lucky number 200. And as for the people I watch, that's a bit complicated given a few are character plz's. But after some careful calculations, I have discovered I watch 43 people. Which is sad, since half of those folks either haven't been online in ages or just don't engage in conversation with me anymore. Of course, that could be a sign of me being annoying...


5. Do you have more than one account?
Me? No. But my characters have quiet a few accounts. If it wasn't for the fact that I have to keep creating a Microsoft account for all of them and the hassle it requires to run a plz account, I'd make a plz for ALL of the Clarktoons!

6. Name four of your favorite artists on dA.
That's like asking to pick your favorite children and/or Monster. But I can give of a list of people I enjoy collaborating with!

:iconalphabeta90: We've been collaborating together before I ever got on deviantART and I hope we still do in the near future. Heck, some of our greatest ideas come from our collaborating. That's why EMIL-E has superpowers, Polka Shark has his own comics, and we both have a pair of kick @$$ robot mercenaries who are fun to write and draw for!

:iconfantasynarium: I'm not sure if it counts as a collaboration officially, but we have done a few arttrades involving our Monsters that involve two of our ideas mixing into one. Plus, on more than one occasion, I've tried to have her join the Comic Cycle that AB90 and I constantly add to. But first, I figured I need to hold my end of the bargain and deliver the comics I promised her!

:iconmr-herp-derp: While most times it can be a tad frustrating to collaborate with this gaming geek, the results of our combined craziness have actually proven it's worth the occasional headaches. So far the dude's made 6 love interests for Clarktoons, and in return we come up with wacky scenarios and stories for the characters. Mostly Alberta and Crocie or Spinach and Blueberry. I just wish we'd use Sue again.

:icondavidfoxfire: and :icondisney-mangafan1906: These two are definitely fun to work with. Their enthusiasm for their projects almost rival my own. So far I have collaborated with these two on one project: The Brave Little Tailor II. I hope one day we can collaborate on another comic, preferably one with our own original characters and our own fleshed out world. And maybe in a different genre as well...

7. What deviant(s) do you admire because of their personality?
Most of them were already listed in the last question. But everyone of my friends has something to bring to the pot of personality. Mostly insanity...

8. How many deviants do you actually know in reality? Post their avatars
So far? One: Lo-Carbquine
I met here while attending animation class during the 2013-2014 school year. I quickly figured out that she was an insanely talented artist, a fan of the Monster drinks and Supernatural TV show, part freak hound, and she preferred not to talk. Which I guess was good, since I never shut up!

9. Do you comment, fave, or both?
I comment on pictures by people I know, and favorite on any artwork I like. I should really try commenting more.

10. What do you typically post on deviantART?
I used to post fan art like crazy, but recently I've been trying to do original artwork so my characters can get some fan base. It seems to be working with some. I have also been posting recently a lot of comics, so far a majority of it being my Monster characters or my sexy robot mercenary character Anti-Hero. I've also included by best pal Crocie lately during Croc Week, and I think he'll be getting a lot more comics soon. 

11. Do you participate in clubs or contests here on dA?
Participate? I run them! Every week the Adventures of CK group runs a Weekly Adventure contest where we draw or write about a particular theme. Then at the end of them week, we choose the best three and show them in the journal. There's also the annual BIG Adventure Contest. This year's theme should be announced soon. Ironically though, I don't participate in a lot of contests. I did one by FitzOblong where I had to create a picture showing a Phineas and Ferb/Kim Possible mash up. The results was an awesome poster, an extended premium membership, and a sense of pride that I won a contest based around two of my favorite Disney TV shows.

12. What is your most popular deviation? As in most viewed or most favorited?
Fans love it to death. Don't get me wrong, I do to, but I know these days I can do better! My goal is to have a picture featuring my own original characters to get more favorites then this:

Disney-Marvel Avengers Poster by CKstudios

It currently holds my number one with 173 favorites, 16,526 views, 106 comments, and 3,823 downloads. In second place is my piece Spider-Mouse shattered dimensions, and third place going to one of my many Annoying Portal comics. And each one I look back at with a weird mixed sense of pride and disgust. Some of it was my best work, yet my artist nature causes me to cringe as I know notice the little errors and mistakes I made. Rrrrrgh!

13. What's your favorite submission in your gallery?
My favorite submission? Oh, that is really hard! That really is like picking your favorite child!

14. What are things you wish you could draw better?
Let's see: women, elephants, vehicles, buildings or backgrounds of any sorts, realistic looking creatures- Well, alright, to be honest that's another long list! To make it worse, it's always expanding...

15. Do you have a premium membership?

16. How many hours a day do you spend on dA?

17. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
I'd like to think I'm a moderately fast typer. But don't get me started on all that 45 words per minute and the four important keys crud! That stuff is fliggin' annoying!

18. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
What does CK stand for?
What is your real name?
What animal is Crocie?
What does the fox say?
What time is it?

19. What is the most annoying/offending comment you've ever received?
It wasn't a comment, but someone wrote a very cruel and harsh story where I curse uncharacteristically, then get shot and die. And now the cool come back to life or Wolverine style survive die either, I mean dead! Bleeding, on the floor, with a group of people surrounding me. It was the guy's sad, stupid way of being funny. Really he was being an ass!

21. Do you use guidelines when you draw?
Sortuv. Whenever I make a comic, I usually hand draw the panel outlines. I also draw circles and random shapes to outline characters for size and proportion before actually drawing them.

22. Do you associate people on deviantART with their icons?
Some, yes. But some I also recognize by their artwork and characters.

23. Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation?
Uh... no. Can someone tell me what it is?

24. Everyone has considered leaving dA once or twice. Have you? Why?
Never! I've seen friends leave deviantART and it always stabbed at my heart. It may not be as well known as YouTube or Facebook, but deviantART to me seems like the safe haven of the Internet. It's far from perfect, but it's a chance for me to make friends and show the world what I've got!
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