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Time for some adventures!
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SKETCH = Points 5 points (color) Points 8 points (Black and White)
Weekly Adventure: Sketch BOOM 8 by CKstudiosExplosive Passion by CKstudiosI NEED TO SPEAK TO CAESAR! by CKstudios

COMIC = Points 15 points (sketch) Points 25 points (black and white) Points 50 points (color)
CK One Shot: How to Play Dreidel by CKstudiosCK One Shot - Sexy Psycho by CKstudios CK One Shot: 10 Minutes on Halloween by CKstudios

POSTER = Points 10 points (sketch) Points 20 points (black and white) Points 30 points (color)
Sketch Commission: He Killed Seven with One Blow! by CKstudiosWeekly Adventure: Pizza Power by CKstudiosThe Monova Saga (May the 4th) by CKstudios

STORIES = Points 6 points per chapter
Mickey's Mysterious Masquerade: ProloguePickled pigs and eyes of toads
A spooky house at the end of the road
Enter our hero the Mouse
As he and friends make way to a Haunted House
Cobweb dust and pigeon poo
A duck will soon seal all their doom
For on this day near the Halloween hour
Enter they do to the Terror Tower
You’re Invited…

The door creaked open slowly letting the moonlight creep eerily down the main hall of the Tower of Terror! The light was enough to reveal the monster depicting statues that had grown cobwebs that went all the way up towards the moldy, dusting ceiling boards. No doubt that meant this house was crawling with spiders. The air was filled with the scent of the dust that coated everything in the house from the peeling wallpaper to the leaking pipes. The front hallway alone showed how creepy the Tower was.
The legendary Tower of Terror had been deserted for years. Most people in town believed it to be haunted or some nonsense like that. It had been standing that since its initia
Adventures of CK #12
If iPad Apps Were Real
Hey there people of today and robots of tomorrow! I’m CK. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a giraffe living in an apartment above a theater in New Toontown, USA. I live with my younger brother, a red panda named Red. When you see the two of us together you can tell the family resemblance. As well as being an older brother I am also a cartoonist. Which means I doodle for a living. I enjoy the career that I have chosen, since I still get to keep my childlike imagination and I get to be a kid at heart for just a bit longer.
Besides, being a cartoonist has its advantages. My imagination has taken me to world –neigh- universes that have never been seen before. With characters you wouldn’t normally see at your local grocery store. There are heroes and villains and all the critters in between living in strange places. Cities in black and white, a metallic future, you can even find adventure underground. These are the
Back to the DISNEY Future 1.4Back to the DISNEY Future Part I
   "Okay Doc, here we go," I informed my mallard friend. I had just finished plugging in my portable camera into the television Figment had in the Entertainment part of the ride. We were surrounded by dozens of movie props and a chest full of Dreamfinder's spare purple coats and black top hats. It also held all of Figment's spare yellow and red sweaters with his name on it. No wonder this was the only thing he wore in the future show.
   "Oh, are we watching a movie?" Figment asked as he poofed in the room next to me. He then asked, "Who's got the popcorn?"
   "I do!" Ludwig said as he sat on the other side of me. These two must've spent way too much time together. But then again, I probably spend more time with him now then Figment did. Or at least, I used to spend a lot of time with him.
   Quickly, I shook the thought out of my head and played the tape.

CHARACTERS = Points 5 points (sketch) Points 10 points (color)
Old Time Rock'n Roll! by CKstudiosLo by CKstudiosThree Years and Still Kick'n! by CKstudios

PLAYBOT = Points 50 points
Playbot EMIL-E by CKstudios

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Life with Baby by jackfreak1994

This is cuteness wrapped in cuteness with cuteness sprinkles on top! This is probably a more accurate depiction of Stitch's future than...

Do you want to build a Snowman? by jackfreak1994

So far it seems this song is everywhere. Whether it be fan made versions of the song or comics based off the song such as this. All tho...


Hey, pizza monster, have you ever heard of curry-topping pizza?
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 7:33 PM
Say, Smash It Sue, how are things as of late?
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 7:17 PM
Hey there folks, this is the Ask the Clarktoons shout box! If you gotta question for a Clarktoon you want answered, shout it out here!
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 2:27 PM

Which #CKstudios presents comic do you prefer so far? 

6 deviants said Monster Mash #1
2 deviants said Anti-Hero is Awesome #1
1 deviant said Aliens of the Rock #1
Hey there people of today and robots of tomorrow!
It's me, CK!

Well, more and more #CKstudios presents are popping up with even more to come! One series I'm particularly interested is are the Ask the Clarktoons series. The first appeared today during Aliens of the Rock and Yezzi was the first Clarktoon to answer. I want to do more of those comics, so to encourage you guys I started a Shoutbox where you guys can leave questions, if you look around my profile you'll find it. To also encourage you guys to ask the Clarktoons questions, I stole this meme from Cleo99678. Basically it's the meme where if you leave a comment below I will post your icon in the journal and post three peices of artwork you've done that I like.

So the deal here is, leave a questions for a Clarktoon or Clarktoons to answer, and I'll post your icon and blah blah blah.

1) :iconmr-herp-derp:
Clarktoons Theme songTheme song for Club-Kids’ Clarktoons, sung to the beat of Ducktales.
Life is like a thunder storm,
Here in, Clarksburg.
Monsters, Robots, Dinosaurs
It’s a Clarks-Blur
Might make some Money,
Or say something funny,
Clarktoons, Woo ooh.
Every day they’re gonna go be Clarktoons, Woo ooh.
Tales of adventure, luck and hey Harktoons. Woo ooh.
When it seems they’re heading for the last curtain call
CK Creativity just saves them all
Through the worst of bloopers,
They are real troopers,
Clarktoons, Woo ooh,
Every day they’re gonna go be Clarktoons, Woo ooh
Tales of Adventure, Luck and hey Harktoons, Woo ooh.
D-D-D-Danger, Watch behind you,
There’s a bad guy out to find you.
What to do just tune into the Clarktoons,
(Instrumental bridge)
Clarktoons, Woo ooh.
Every day they’re gonna go be Clarktoons, Woo ooh.
Tales of adventure, luck and Hey Harktoons. Woo ooh.
D-D-D-Danger, Watch behind you,
There’s a bad guy out to find you.
What to do just tune
We Wish You A Spinach ChristmasWe Wish You a Spinach Christmas
Christmas gift for Club-Kids.  It’s Christmas morning, and Spinach’s parents are away on a business trip, so the closest thing he has to family are Blueberry and her brothers.  But there is a problem:  If Spinach wants to give his gift to Blueberry; he has to do it without being seen by her overprotective Uncle Pizza.  Can he do it or will he get caught? And what will happen if he is found?
Pizza, Yeti, Bubblegum, Burger, and Blueberry belong to Club-Kids
Cadbury and Espresso belong to AnthroBrownWolf
Fizzy belongs to AnimatedTigerGirl
Villa belongs to Fantasynarium
Spinach, Carrot, and Celery belong to me.
All characters except for CK's are used with permission, but since this is a gift made for CK, I don't think he will complain.
Spinach was awake before the sun was even up.  He had to be if he wanted to see his parents off.  His parents, Carrot and Celery, kissed him goodbye, gave him a Nintendo Wuuhuu as a gi
Fry and Cotton CandyNew KIDtoons: Fry and Cotton Candy.
Club-Kids took a meme of mine and in asked me to make a bio or something for the newest, yet to be fleshed out, KIDtoons, Fry and Cotton Candy.  Fry is the girlfriend of Burger, and Cotton Candy is the girlfriend of Bubble Gum.  So here is a quick one shot about the two girls, who I have to imagine are gal pals.
It’s a bright summer day.  We focus on a gym.  The lights are off, closed today, but we hear the sound of a door opening, and suddenly the lights flick on.  Two girls stand in the door way.  One of the girls is yellow.  She is muscular, like one of those female action heroes.  Her hair resembles several French fries made into a rope, and today, she wears it in a ponytail.  Her attire is a white jersey with black shorts.  
Her companion is a rather chubby girl.  Her fur is pink, and her hair looks like a Cotton candy afro.  Her outfit is a blue tank top, and also wears yellow sh

I beleive if I ever put music and vocals to it, the Clarktoons theme is gonna be as catchy as heck. Plus, he's gotta story about Crocie coming up that I cannot wait to read! Bring it on!

His question @ Smash it Sue: Say, Smash It Sue, how are things as of late?

2) :iconthyneownslave:
Unforseen Consequences"Crocie!" I shouted irritation radiating out of me. "Crocie, where the heck are you?!" Dang it, I couldn't find him on his own boat! I hadn't caught sight of Bumper either, though I instinctively knew he was nearby. It's good having a fifth-and-a-half sense.
"Bumper?" I called out, and almost right away he flew up to me through the deck, greeting me with a warm, "Boo~"
Smiling, I asked, "Is Crocie here?" I didn't want to get into details about why I needed to see him; not until I was actually telling him. But it was extremely important.
Bumper nodded. Apparently, he could tell something was pressing my mind, because he asked, "Boo boo?" Are you okay?
I gave a small sigh, and assured him I was fine. Though, that was not entirely true.
"So, where is he?" I asked.
"Boo, boo boo." Sleeping under a blanket of hamburgers. Naturally I rolled my eyes.
"Then let's hope Alberta doesn't plan on dropping by this morning. Wanna go wake Crocie together? I have to talk to him anyway, and as a
Flashbacks"Once we... ...and then we..." I nodded along as Crocie explained what he was doing with his boat's mechanics. I had no idea what most of this stuff was or meant. Bumper seemed only a little less lost than me, not surprisingly.
With no warning, something highly unsettling consumed my thoughts. My mind was brought back to the face of a man, who was nothing but insanity and evil. I clenched and unclenched my fists repeatedly at these newly racing memories.
Crocie stopped what he was doing and fell silent, staring at me. Bumper stared at me too. I must have gotten tense again.
"Thyne, are you okay? You look like you're having issues again." I stiffly nodded, my shoulders raising to my chin as I did so. I hated to worry people, especially since I got unnerved like this so often.
Unfortunately for me, and Crocie and Bumper both went to say something else, I lost touch with reality. No longer was I down below with the engine of Crocie's vessel. Surrounding me were frighteningly familiar wall
Zyrtix Maid by ThyneOwnSlave

She just gets Crocie's character so well, almost as much as I do it seems. She also really gets Bumper and the humor between the two. Her imagination is dark, but sometimes we need a bit of dark humor. I heard she's drawing me and Crocie, which is awesome! But whatever happened to the dude deviants as butlers and such?

Her questions @ Crocie: My question... hmm... I can't think of one. Crocie, what's a good question to ask?

3) :iconanimatedtigergirl:
Fizzy the Soda Monster by AnimatedTigerGirlWinter Wonder by AnimatedTigerGirlNerida by AnimatedTigerGirl

A friendly artist who somehow manages to put up with me and all of our insane RP's. Maybe one of these days I should just let her start one of the RP's! Plus, it'd be cool to see more pics of her Clarktoons. Hopefully this Holiday season we'll all be seeing more of Winter Wonder.

Her question @ Spam Monster: Hm... Here's one for Spam, what is it that you like about Fizzy?

Our neighbor CK by Disney-MangaFan1906Commission for CK-BLT II trio by Disney-MangaFan1906

I'd put the whole Brave Little Tailor II down here, but I don't have that much room. And it's times like these I wish I had a nickname for her other than Cake Face. But it seems to suit her since whenever I'm around she throws cake in my face... which is really starting to annoy me.

Her question @ Pizza Monster: Hey, pizza monster, have you ever heard of curry-topping pizza?
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