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December 30, 2013
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2013 Art Summary by CKstudios 2013 Art Summary by CKstudios

Hey there people of today and robots of tomorrow!

Happy Holidays from CK!

Critique Me PLEASE by StampsByNeekkoComment Before Faving, Plz. by Nocturia

New Year's Eve is tomorrow! And as the year quickly comes to a close, I figured it's right about time to look back at this year and see how my artwork's come along. So, I created a meme off another meme (giving it my own unique CK twist of course) and choose the pieces of art I have created that are either fan favorite or my own favorites. So let's get started shall we?

01. January

2012 is gone, we survived the apparent apocalypse thanks to my time traveling Adventures. But back in the present, I was experimenting with a line art style where I outline the characters with color. As well as that I was trying my luck in comics staring WALL-G and the newest cartoon Smash it Sue. Plus, a new short stories series called the Adventures of CK. While the series lasted for a brief time, the title still remains popular to its author. The one pic that managed to get enough favorites for this month was my coloring of Jane-La outfit sketch by EnihpledAmira. Despite having few fan photos here on devinatART, there are at least 19 who liked this coloring. And Enihpled, if you're reading this: think you could possible give us more possessed Jane La please?

02. February

Love was in the air and single people were crying alone. As for my artwork, I was surprisingly lazy that month. Why? Busy with the outside world. Stupid outside world! The few stuff I did post though featured me and some of my fellow artist friends from online. Including a new chapter of Wizards of Pagonia an a requested picture by Arwingpilot1991 showing a robot version of his OC Danny Hare and dnxlightangel's Kitty Kubble for a deep, dark, and romantic picture. Yet dnx has still not seen the picture. Heck, it feels like she hasn't been back in forever! DNX where are you!?

03. March

Artwork picked right back up again in March. As well as that some new characters were introduced including Koo Koo Bird, Pizza Monster's triplet relatives, my best friend Crocie, and a few others. I also decided to draw my first picture of Thomas Fletcher and Marie Elizabeth Flynn Garcia-Shapiro (try saying that three times fast) which immediately revealed a hidden truth: the immediate way to get a few dozen ways to get favorites is to draw Thomarie art. But surprisingly the #1 picture of that month was yet another colored picture. This time the picture was called Moments In College by jackfreak1994. I must've done pretty good because jackfreak herself favorited the picture and the story that went with it. Although, at this point I should've stopped because I was getting more favorites for artwork that wasn't mine originally...

04. April

Once again we see very few artwork come outuv' me. But the art that does come tend to have a common theme: my girlfriend Kelly Daine in Queen La's clothing. At this point it was pretty clear that I was a Queen La fan. Plus, as the pictures showed me, KD looks pretty dang good in Queen La's bikini and sarong. I should draw another Kella picture this year. But first let's get through last year.

05. May

More La, a bit of Star Wars, and at this point Pizza Monster had his first fan who had created a new monster named Villa. At the time, I was hesitant to the idea of giving Pizza Monster a girlfriend. But after seeing the character design, I thought it was a good idea. Thanks to a couple of RP's with me and Fantasynarium, Pizza and Villa became the cutest couple in Clarksburg! Meanwhile Pizza Monster and dozens of other characters appeared in my biggest Sketch Dump ever! Which surprisingly became the most popular picture of the month. It was probably all the other sketches of Queen Kella. Asides from that there were a few beauties for every kind of fan.

06. June

This month was overtaken by a 3D explosion! I had learned how to use PaintShop to publish photos in three dimensions! I took a handful of my own pictures and pictures from my friends and gave them a 3D makeover. I was also trying to start a new fan Portal comic staring yours truly and my career long friend AlphaBeta90. Unfortunately, laziness and a lack of effort cut the comic short. And by short, I mean two pages. I know, sad. Still, this month saw my Disney/MARVEL Avengers poster get more attention! And, as of a few days ago, I decided I am going to redraw that poster and see if I can do better! Comment below about what you think of this idea.

07. July

Artwork BOOM! Tons upon tons of artwork. And it started with a redesign of yours truly. At first you guy were hesitant about the new look but you eventually warmed up to the idea. Not like I was giving you a choice anyhow I was sticking with the design none the less. Not only was I given a new look, KD and my little brother Red. Speaking of my little brother, he and I had just become TMNT fans thanks to the neck Nickelodeon show and I decided to put my brother and I in a pic that paid homage to the original 1984 comics by Eastman and Laird. It's one of my favorite pictures of the whole year. Along with heroes, there were also villains in the form of the Confederates of Doom! Let's get Quackin!

08. August

Back to the real world and the beginning of my animation classes. You'd think less time on my hands would slow a guy like me down! Nope! My productivity increased like crazy! It was a boom of artwork! By now the title 'KIDtoon' had been established and a new one had been introduced in the deadly and sexy form of Anti-Hero. Speaking of robots, I gave one particular robot a redesign that inspired her creator to do the same. AlphaBeta90's Queen Monova was back in black! This idea of black and purple armor came out of my wanting to have influence over the great Monova comics. I wanted (and still want) to be a part of that comic in some way! So far SIM-N says one of my characters will be in the Monova comics. I don't know how I convinced him, I'm just glad I found a way to do it!

09. September

By now Wolfie and SHORT-E had broken up and the little green trash can had moved on to find a great blue green trash can named SHER-I. I have high hopes for the two. While the two trash cans were starting their relationship a new series of short comics had also been starting called CK One Shots. The first few starred the unexpected couple of Anti-Hero and Freak and the Clarksburg famous couple Villa and Pizza Monster. But once again I was reminded that the immediate way to earn Fav's from watchers was by drawing characters that weren't my own. So the two famous characters created by Angelus19 reappeared in a Mission Marvel sequel set in the world of Spider Girl and M2. I found it crazy that the original artist herself favored the picture. Someone suggested I even run the idea by her as a comic. That's crazy... Which might actually make it a good idea...

10. October

Boo! This is Hallowen! Yet instead of drawing scary pictures I was drawing cute ones. Weird, I know. During this time period PM's triplets had become popular and I decided to include them in more pictures as fairies and even teenagers. While the kids were off doing that, Pizza Monster and Villa were also staring in more pictures and two new characters had been introduced: a black and white star in a modern day world (Bernie), and a guardian of the forbidden mountain range (Sherman P. Yeti). Plus the written stories had made a comeback as ERN-E's Origins had been explored and the popular Disney TokyoSea show Mysterious Masquerade was adapted into a short epic partially inspired by the writings of hypermegatailsfan. To top it all of the Disney Company had turned 90 years old that month and that brough about pictures such as my CKD tribute, a poster for the Brave Little Tailor II, and yet again another colored picture of Thomarie. Which again, got the attention of Angelus19.

11. November

The Christmas season had started early with me! I couldn't wait for the Holiday season to start! Although I'm pretty sure that became clear with my artwork. SHORT-E was showing Hanukah to SHER-I, Randolf and Zed were interviewing a TNBC fan character, and AlphaBeta90 and I had made an awesome collaboration picture where the KST and COD battled for the Holidays outside Macy's. Even better, this picture would later inspire a story written by AB90. Even better, the story had ERN-E save the day. Which made an immediate fan out of me. Yay!

12. December

The Christmas season had finally come! But my time for artwork was limited due to my over the top project. Sadly I didn't even get to finish it. This just teaches me that if I'm gonna do a Holiday related project, I need to start earlier like the original Miracle on 34th Street. But as the year ended I was focusing on three characters: the Holiday Knight, Pizza Monster, and Anti-Hero. At this time SIM-N had inspired AT's new official name, Candy Banger, and she had a new job of Playbot model as well as mercenary for hire. While she was spending the Holidays with her stud Freak, I had become the Holiday like Batman known as the Holiday Knight. As me and other heroes fought for the Holidays, Pizza Monster was celebrating a traditional Christmas with his family which by now had been expanded after his first year on deviantART. So, it's appropriate that the meme ends with Pizza Monster.

So, this all leaves one final question: what does 2014 have in store?


(PS: Check out these great other artists whom I've mentioned:


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Arwingpilot1991 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw... That certainly is a year, for the ages! =D And I am extremely happy, to have experienced it, with you, my friend! :) And, February was such a wonderful month! Thank you very much, for making it special, for me! :excited:

P.S. Wow! :wow: I can't believe you made a recommendation of me, as a "great artist"! :iconcblushplz: That was SO kind of you, Mr CK! I am truly honoured, by your kind deed! :happycry:

Let's make a wonderful 2014, shall we? :icongrouphugplz:
CKstudios Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Yeah 2013 was okay. It had its ups and downs and it certainly had its box office breaking films. But you know what? I think we can do better! From here on out I decree that 2014 and 2015 shall be known as pure awesomeness! Not only shall there be more awesome films (Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Amazing Spider Man 2, The Good Dinosaur, etc.) but there shall also be more artwork! Improving the trade! I hereby decree that 2014 is going down and it is now on like Donkey Kong! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA-

Oh, and your welcome.  

Arwingpilot1991 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am going to be honest, I've not had a very good 2013! :( It has been the year of bad luck, for me! However, I have high hopes, for this year! =D And, I have to say, I am extremely happy, to hear that the coming years will be just as wonderful, for you, too! :excited: I can't WAIT to see what art you can make, for the coming year! =D
CKstudios Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
2014's gonna be great man, I can feel it within my gut!
Arwingpilot1991 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh... I really hope so! :( I hold high hopes... But fear the unknown! :worry:
CKstudios Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
To the unknown I say: BRING IT ON! WHOOOOO!
Arwingpilot1991 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I really wish I had your optimism! Why must I be such a coward? :(
CKstudios Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're not a coward! And in order to have my enthisuasm, you gotta wake up, drink some milk, and have a conversation with about 200 characters!
88MilesPrower Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Pat Sajek is on the phone...:iconphoneplz:

He wants his Wheel back...:lmao:

Seriously,...well done on a fantastic year of work! :clap: :bow:

CKstudios Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist



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