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May 16, 2013
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CK's Sketchapalooza ULTIMAtE by CKstudios CK's Sketchapalooza ULTIMAtE by CKstudios
Here it is folks, the biggest, baddest, most epic collection of my sketches ever! I have been saving these sketches for quiet sime time now and decided to release them all with this incredibly large Sketchapalooza! I hope you all enjoy! I also hope you guys don't explode from all the scribbles. There's 114 of them!

#1) For our May the 4th Arttrade, AlphaBeta90 requested Monova and Kordahk battling Zarthek. Since he was drawing Red, I decided to draw KD as Monova and myself as Kordahk. This is a small sneak peek I doodled on my Toon Do List.

#2.) More Kella sketches, from the episode Return of La. "Now kneel before your Queen! Queen La! Queen of Opar!" and "He can't hide forever..."

#3.) The Loch Ness Monster of Scotland. I used to really love drawing mythical monster and creatures.

#4.) I am zzzzso tired...

#5.) Whenever I can't come up with anything to doodle, for some odd reason I draw a saber tooth cat in a bowtie. Ah, how my mind confuses me...

#6.) Since I'm doing the Ultimate Meme I created the other day, I decided to give Kelly Daine's WOP OC a new look. This one is partially inspire by her NALsona as well as Kella sketches, hence her cape. Her power is hypnotic singing and vibration control.

#7.) Wasssssssup?

#8.) Immediately after SIM-N sketched this: [link], I decided to sketch a few Eklamos pictures of my own. Here she is seen being carried by ERN-E out of a massive explosion. She is bewildered by way the egghead is so protective over EMIL-E. I am especially happy how the explosion turned out, it actually looks cool. I'm just having troubles coloring it...

#9.) KD and I in the Little Okapi. Toon Do List doodle

#10.) After I posted by first Thomarie pic and saw how popular it got, I came up with ideas for more. One of them was Marie dressed up like Perry like her Aunt Candace. I figured she's wearing it to cheer up Thomas.

#11.) KD's new look.

#13.) Forgot 12! George looking surprised by something over his shoulder. What is George running from? Leave a comment below!

#14.) A new character Space Wolf. After nearly being killed by his pack leader, a wolf in Yellowstone gets hit by a blue stone from outer space. It mutates him into a humanoid form and he now has enhanced strength and agility. There are his muscles.

#15.) Waldo the Duck, DUCKtective to the Stars. I originally doodled a duck before I doodled a giraffe. It wasn't my ducksona, but an idea for my first big cartoon. Since everyone had a duck, I wanted one too. Originally he was going to be a director, until I decided to make him a Noir style detective.

#16.) Honker, a character for a Captain EO/Kali Tigress Adventure. The son of Hooter.

#17.) Blue from Blue's Clues. I used to love that show, I still wish it was on the air.

#18.) Space Wolf with a shirt on. Sorry ladies.

#19.) What if April was mutated into a turtle?

#20.) Crocie in POW City! After being exposed to radioactive sewage, Crocie gains the power to transform into a muscular, giant, intelligent being capable of taking down an army! He calls himself the Super Croc! Original name, ain't it?

#21.) Crocie and a giant Cheeseburger in Paradise!

#22.) I have no idea what this originally way. I can tell she's a bat, but I can't remember for what. I gave her Ariel like hair. I think I might turn her into a Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers OC or something.

#23.) The Living Raptor!

#24.) ERN-E in a heroic pose, inspired by a piece of an Eklemos sketch dump drawn by AlphaBeta90. I seriously hope he does another one of those pics, because it was really awesome!

#25.) General K'Sav is the ruthless, heartless leader of the Cluster Army. He is set to kill Wakeman and any who stand with him. He is perfectly happy to destroy a planet to do so, yet he is loyal to his queen... a bit too loyal perhaps...

#26.) This sketch came from El Dorado's "The Trail We Blaze" getting stuck in my head, a conversation with TaRtOoN-Man94 explaining the similarities between Barney and Phineas and Ferb, and watching the same clip of King Kong on YouTube of Kong batteling the three T-Rexes. Somehow it all meshed to create King Perry!

#27.) WereCK!

#28.) In an idea for a story with SIM-N, I suggested a story so epic that this is all I can show you guys: ERN-E as President.

#29.) Crocie in the Sewers.

#30.) Mickey Mouse. I always keep sketching him since I know I can do better! This Mickey sketch is based off his appearance in the BOOM comics, like Wizards of Mickey.

#31.) Vampire Kelly Daine, nonevil version

#32.) George looking back again. This time looking sympathetic. Why? Leave a comment below!

#33.) It's the great and powerful Oz! I am beyond surprised by how much this looks like a Looney Tune. The shading rocks, it looks slightly realistic, and scary! I AM OZ!

#34.) While looking up random crud in a book, I saw this logo for the World War II Woman Airforce Service Pilots. Thinking she might be a good love interest for Gremlin Gus -also a WWII inspired character- I sketched her down quickly. This is the original Wasp!

#35.) Pizza Monster as the cowardly lion from Oz. He is spazzing out.

#36.) Cowardly Monster's pathetic attempt at a roar...

#37.) Me as the Scarecrow from Oz, a character I call Question.

#38.) Ted Wakeman, CJ, and Dark Shadow without her face plate on. Three of my MLAATR OC's, Knights, and best friends for life!

#39.) Crocie dancing.

#40.) A future scene in How Robots Won the West, if I ever get the chance to continue it. In this scene, ERN-E is dressed as the famous Clint Eastwood and is ready for an old school Western Showdown with a secret enemy....

#41.) An early sketch of Blueberry, Burger, and Bubble Gum as they make a close get away with the cookie jar, their Uncle Pizza following close behind. No cookies before dinner!

#42.) This is my favorite drawing of Crocie ever. I feel this really captures his lazy and easy going personality, while also capturing his slight taste for adventure. I later enlarged this pic and colored it as another project.

#43.) The only successful time I've drawn KD and I kissing. It needs some work with the new design of these two characters. So far that's proved unsuccessful. If anybody can help me out with that, tell me below!

#44.) A random shark character and TMNT OC named Finn. Finnagin Mathews was once an intern at the New York City Marine Exhibits. When he tried to stop a Krang attack his DNA got mutated with that of a shark. He was mutated into a giant fish and was chased by the cop into the docks or the harbor. There he swam into the sewers and discovered the turtles. Unlike most sharks he can breathe on land, but has to stay moist, and he also goes into a frenzy whenever he smells blood.

#45.) Me when I'm sick. It sucks.

#46.) Me and my best pal Crocie, starring at something we find strange and gross, according to the reaction on my face.

#47.) Crocie needs a new travel agent.

#48.) "Rise! My Opar!" Kella says, resurrecting Opar. Unlike in the show, you can see her whole body as she casts the command spell. I'm especially happy about how KD's legs turned out.

#49.) Everybody Give a Hand for Uncle Sam!

#50.) I was really tired when I sketched this.

#51.) CREEPER!

#52.) Infamous director Doofenshmertz sees his next big star kidnap a teenage star, Isabella.

#53.) In one of my Adventures, I said Queen Jane La had a daughter. This is her. Owai, discovering her mother is evil, ran away from Opar and allied herself with one of the soul survivors of the Waziri way of life. She learns new magic, skills, and inner peace. She, along with her new ally, return to Opar only to realize La is 'dead'. Owai then takes the place of her mother in ruling over Opar with a new magic staff and a new community of various cat men. I made sure she looked like both Jane and her father.

#54.) Raven with a pink goo XT-50 created to destroy her fellow New Knights. At first the goo tries to take over Raven, but she tames it as uses it as a rubber suit like her Aunt Jenny.

#55.) Lady Dilopasarus! A female biochemist who studies the Living Raptor and transforms herself into a lethal, deadly, something bewitching monster!

#56.) The Koo Koo Bird! With one tennis shoe, just like his original design.

#57.) Raven in her rubber goo suit.

#58.) Some random villain I never placed in a world or universe. Who is he? Leave a comment below!

#59.) What happened if me and my character entered the world of Oz? Kelly Daine is a Kansas farm girl who is swept away to Odd. There she finds Question, a scarecrow longing for a brain, TIN-E, a robot looking for his missing heart piece, and Cowardly Monster, who wants courage. Together they go to the Wizard of Odd in order to get their dreams turned into reality.


#61.) Eklamos with her staff. Personally, whenever I imagine Eklamos I imagined her wearing not just the cape and jewel, but all the blue dresses too. Still, who am I to question Alpha?

#62.) Monova as KD

#63.) Queen Kella, "Long live La! Long live Opar!"

#64.) Study of eyes on a sticky pad. Anybody recognize where this is from?

#65.) What if King Kong and Godzilla were roommates?

#66.) What would happen if Jurassic Park was a cartoon? Somewhere lost in time there's also a sketch of the T-Rex facing an extremely nervous screaming goat!

#67.) More Mickey Mouse! I think I'm improving.

#68.) King Perry, mournful.

#69.) A fedora!

#70.) An ol' black and white style of me! Ah, the good ol' days.

#71,) For some odd reason I'm always better when it comes to shading when I do it with pencil then on a computer. Weird, huh? Ah well, I guess the pencil is still mightier than the sword!

#72.) Practice at drawing realistic, five fingered hands.

#72.) As well as PM and Villa!

#73.) The Living Brain, a character for both Space Wolf and 4000. After creating the atomic bomb, Einstein decided he needed to preserve future ideas and prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. Like in 9, he transferred his intelligence into a machine and the US Government keeps it under wraps. Years later, when Sputnik was launched into space, little realized there actually was a camera installed in it. Any footage shot in space was placed into the machine. Over the years more and more minds added to it's intelligence, until you have what I liked to call L.B. ver 5.672.

#74.) Charcters for Friends. I won't say who though...

#75.) More hands.

#76.) New look for Dark Shadow.

#77.) Need a hand?

#78.) Crocie looks angry!

#79.) So does George...

#80.) KD's new look.

#81.) KD from the side.

#82.) thieviusracoonus suggested I needed a rival, like how Mickey has Mortimer and Pete. I didn't think I needed one, given I have so many villains already as well as my own real world problems. Still, he suggested I draw a hyena and I was curious to see what it would look like. Meet Chuck Hy. Eena.

#83.) "Sooner or later, they'll find him..."

#84.) Kelly in her full WOP ensemble

#85.) This is the Mexican sheep eating monster El Chupacabra. For some reason this creature reminds me of yinller. I tried to make him look friendly, as not to spook anyone who is terrified of his legend.

#86.) Me in Steampunk, unamused.

#87.) More of DS's new look.

#88.) The one thing you should know about gorillas is that whey they get angry, you really don't want to provoke them. It's really just a bluff. They pound their chest and bare their teeth to try and scare you away! But if you provoke them any further, they will attack!

#89.) Creepy hand!


#91.) Pizza Monster working over a boiling pot and tossing pizza dough. Who is he cooking for and why? Comment below!

#92.) Emklamos trying to keep back the evil forces trying to destroy the entire universe. Not to far away ERN-E is trying to catch up to her and save EMIL-E.

#93.) Somehow General K'Sav switched brains with Ted Wakeman. Now trapped aboard a Cluster Cruiser, he demands a trip to Earth where he hopes Dark Shadow and ERN-E can help him stop... himself?

#94.) Dog Pounder.

#95.) Cat Burglar

#96.) Nerva.

#97.) Weed Eater, the giant alien plant who sticks around with Nerva.

#99.) Another hand?

#100.) In my new Adventure starring Red and Danny Hare in Minecraft, Glitch creates a new mob that is called a Boogah! This is one of those. Intimidating ain't it?

#101.) BCK and Kelly Dainasour. I haven't drawn them in forever, so here they are!

#102.) Webbed Hand.

#103.) L.B.

#104.) This is SIM-N's Polka Shark as a cartoon. I really, really, really think he should turn this into an actual comic and not just a character to put in WALL-G. Try expanding his comic realm and create something with animals for a change. Please!

#105.) Catessen and his fresher look.

#106.) This is Ex Actly (right) and B Wang (left), two roommates SIM-N and created playing off of our favorite catchphrases. You'll learn more about these two silly roommates later.

#107.) After watching Rugrats in Paris I got the Chucky Chan stuck in my head. It was another case or King Perry, since for some reason I imagined Pizza Monster singing that song. Eventually that lead to Kung Fu Pizza Dude of Action!

#108.) Me, again, with better shading.

#109.) George

#110.) Experimenting in eyes.

#111.) KD in Queen La's clothes as I try to succeed in drawing the female anatomy. Finally, a victory!

#112.) General K'Sav with cape.

#113.) George's eyes close up.

#114.) Catessen and the Koo Koo Bird. Man, that looks like a weird sitcom doesn't it?
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