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(*UPDATED) Can You Name the Owner of this WOP OC by CKstudios (*UPDATED) Can You Name the Owner of this WOP OC by CKstudios

Hey there people of today and people of tomorrow!

It's me, CK!

After a week of sketching I finally did it! In honor of my three year anniversary on deviantART, I've decided to celebrate the friends and fellow deviants who helped me reach this point. As well as that, I decided to make an entry for the new Weekly Adventure. The Weekly Adventure says we must include as many KIDtoons as possible. So, I've decided to make all these fursona's, OC's, and online persona's honorary KIDtoons. And I figured the best way to do that is to draw them in the world of Wizards of Pagonia.

To make it more fun I took a page from my friend dnxlightangel and made a little game where you have to guess the owner of the OC, all of them of course I gave them a WOPsona. Hopefully I will color all these characters when all the guesses have been correct. And forgive me if I left any of you guys out. I either didn't have room or didn't know what your OC or fursona looked like. This is also a birthday present to two people, whose OC's are known as Zytrix and Zooca.


We have a winner! With 32 correct guesses, the winner is :iconthyneownslave:

For the record people, I shouldn't have to give you hints before you have to guess who CK belongs to...

:iconalphabeta90: SIM-N

Once a great mind, Simon was an inventor whose work was hunted down by the Blot. When his daughter attempted to murder Simon to take all of his gadgets, he used illegal magic to transfer his conscious into that of one of his machines. This resulted in a slight loss in sanity but an improvement on his view on the world around him. While he is limited on magical abilities his mind allows him to think up ingenious ways to move around problems.

:icondnxlightangel: Kitty Kubbles

The first member of WOP, she is the one who found her power as well as CK's. Graciously given the bird's ability to fly, Kitty decided to leave the small island country of Pagonia and take his friend CK to Dolman City to start competing in the Great Wizarding Tournament. A spunky young lady with brains of her owns, she is loyal to her friends and always tries to encourage them to keep moving. She is the girlfriend to Danny Hare.

:iconarwingpilot1991: Danny Hare

Living in a hidden valley in the mountains with Sherman P. Yeti, Danny is a shy young lad who moved to the mountains due to his fear of letting others down. Now he lives on his own perfecting his wizarding power to control plants and greenery. When the Pagonians show up into his life he finds himself befriending the team and pursuing a romantic relationship with Kitty. Eventually he gains enough courage to leave the mountains behind and compete with his new gang of oddballs. While a shy green thumb he is also an impressive snow boarder.

:icondisney-mangafan1906: Lilian

Friend to a giant and hand maiden to the Council Woman of Dolman City, Lilian is a skilled and powerful archer. Raised by giants, she found herself unexpectedly orphaned after her giant family were slaughtered by rogue wizards. While unaware of this tragedy, she finds a happy life amongst the kingdom and makes an unexpected form in the shape of Johnny Briz Mouse. At times she is immature and has a strange taste for causing trouble for laughs. Which, in turn, gets herself in trouble. Usually she just shoots cake at people.

:icondavidfoxfire: Johnny Briz Mouse

A small, spunky, rambunctious little rodent who speaks in the third person. J.B. Mouse is a street wise merchant who has no interest in magic unless he's watching it on the sidelines. Regularly he places bets on the Magical Wizard Duels with other people and splits the profits with his friends, with the exception of his royal friend Lilian (who already has money). So far it appears as though his favorite wizarding team are the Wizards of Pagonia, whom he is interested for some strange reason.

:icontartoon-man94: T. Pelican

With every great story there is a third wall breaking narrator who, most of the time, is completely out of his wits! This narrator is a minstrel by the name of T. Pelican. While nutty and crazy he himself never has a role in the story other than the teller of it. He sings a song, but does not make the spells. But that doesn't mean he's not afraid to whack another character upside the head.

:iconzanyartist: Zany
Her name fits her personality well, for that is exactly what she is. Thanks to an exposure to a rare magical substance she is completely and utterly bonkers.

:iconfantasynarium: Maga Cat

In a dark circus there preforms three friends: Kim, Gallamay, and Maga Cat. Maga, being the smallest and shyest of her three friends, has very few other friends and devotes her life either to her show or to her magic. Both require deception and illusions, which she excels at. While she denies being anything special, she attracts the eyes of Werner Red Squirrel and the team of Pagonian wizards. Eventually the team convinces her to come with them while her circus friends take over business at the circus.

:iconsuper-marcos-96: Werner Red Squirrel

Living high in the tree colonies of the Scornia, Werner Red Squirrel is a sports enthusiast with the magical power of super speeds. Because of this, Werner forbids himself from participating in Scornia's main sporting event; Dingleball. When the Pagonians show up the next Wizarding event is a magical game of Dingleball. After having their butts handed to them, Werner helps and realizes he has his own physical skills that make him an athlete. Soon after he joins the team, and on occasion butts heads with CKs.

:iconblackrose140792: Phoebe

Leader of Team D-dReAmErS, Phoebe is a friendly and curious musician who opposes the Wizards of Pagonia in the Dingleball tournament. While normally not too much of a sports person, she partakes in the contest for a very important reason: the winner receives a special telescope that allows them to see whatever they may want to. For Phoebe, she hopes to find a lost relative somewhere in the world.

:iconhypermegatailsfan: Melisa "Mel"

CK and Kitty Kubbles meet Mel on Pagonia while on the run from the Phantom Brat. Upon meeting her, they discover she is a independent, serious, yet creatively fun person who used to be first mate to Captain Orangebeard, the most fearsome pirate on the seven seas. After his death, Mel went into hiding and took Orangebeard's sword with her. The sword, which controls the weather, and her unique creativity is what gets her on the team.

:iconryan91studio: Zooca

For every pirate there is one Viking. Zooca is a pirate who dreams of finding far off tropical places. Even if that means just to pillage and ransack the place. While not an official member of the WOP team, he is a close ally who either helps them or brings mischief.

:icongshepherd17: Duel

Duel is the albino daughter of the Good Kind of the dragons who meets CK when her father sends her to fetch him. After creating the team's messenger, Figment, CK is brought forward to the king where he tells the giraffe of an impending evil. On the way back, CK makes a friend and allie out of Duel, who claims she'll be keeping an eye on his team.

:iconzenox-furry-man: Zenox

Zenox is a scrappy fighter in the underground cage matches of the Kingdom Paura. While on the outside he looks ruthless and killer, on the inside he is a gentle soul struggling to keep his fiery powers under control. At first he feels alone and helpless, but he falls in love with the Kingdom's ruler Lilliac and helps her run away with the Wizards of Pagonia.

:icontwisted-wind: Lilliac Bathory

While on their quest, the Pagonians find themselves in the Kingdom Paura, a dark, steamy land ruled by the friendly vampire Lilliac. Who, as it turns out, is good friends with Kitty Kubbles. She welcomes her friends to her kingdom and admits to wanting to see adventures outside her Kingdom walls. Seeking adventure she attempts to get into the underground fighting club where she reveals her powers to hypnotize people into seeing their worst fear as well as blood draining. After Zenox busts her, the two decided to run away with the Pagonians.

:icon88milesprower: 88

A time traveling robot finds himself in an alternate timeline due to his last battle with General K'Sav and the Cluster. In a time of legends, heroes, and wizards he sticks out like a sore thumb. He is found by Pete's wizarding team and is attempted to be captured in order to be used for spare parts. Knowing his flux capacitor could be used for evil purposes he seeks out this timeline's CK in order to find help getting home. After a series of time themed mishaps, 88 is eventually given the time he needs to be shot back home. 

:iconanthrobrownwolf: Danni Wolf

While traveling through the forest, CK and Figment are captured by a woodland hunter named Danni Wolf. Upon seeing him, Danni decided to make her his mate. CK, of course, refuses and he is taken back to her lair hidden behind a waterfall. It is here CK learns her powers with archery and her ability to never stop talking. Years of isolation has made her unable to speak to people. After a while CK escapes but Danni nearly kills him trying to get him back. Realizing what she is doing is wrong, she runs away into the forest only to be seen later helping the Wizards of Pagonia.

:iconanimatedtigergirl: Samantha Starstripe

Samantha was once a young princess destined to rule an ancient kingdom. But when she was kidnapped by a witch her memory was erased and she was used for magic practice. One such magical spell used upon her was the spell of transformation. The witch wanted a body guard and she attempted to turn Samantha into a tiger. It worked, but Samantha than turned on the witch and escaped with her magical book. Living in the jungles she is discovered by the WOP team and takes her aboard their flying ship. There Samantha makes many friends and tries to regain the memory of her past through witchcraft.

:iconmontiessor: Little M

One of the fighters in the underground fighting club back in Lilac's kingdom, Little M was scared by a fight by Zenox that forced himself to go into hiding. The only thing that could cure him was magical squid ink that covered his whole body. Unfortunately this ink has a slight side effect of messing with its host's brain. Now wanting revenge on the man who scared him, M decided to hunt him down and try to destroy him with his own blue flame. Eventually Zenox beat him but apologized for scaring him. Ashamed, Little M melted away.

:iconblackbluedawg: Dawg

A robot enthusiast and a resident of Scornio, Dawg is the strongest in the village and the most active.

:iconyinller: Harlette

Harlette was once the Princess of Yinller and daughter to a vampire. But when her mother tried to turn her into a creature of the night, Harlette ran away. Sad, alone, and confused, she met Dogirl and the two became sisters. The two then overthrew the Yinller government and made Dogirl their warrior princess. Harlette was once again royalty, but this shy bat was now royalty with friends. Not even her physic powers could've told her about any of this.

:iconthieviusracoonus: iconKenkiro

Kenkiro Omilan is not actually a wizard, but is in current possetion of a mystical artifact called the Sword of the Fallen Warriors. It gives it's user the strength of the many armers that fought before him. When he finds this sword he uses it to become a royal guard to Ashlynn Munkelly, Princess of Scornia. He is tough, brave, and is always looking for a new adventure. He sees one in the form of the Wizards of Pagonia, who return to Scornia after trouble arises...

:iconlo-carbquine: Bay

A student who CK knew from his original hometown, Bay is a smart young girl who speaks not through words but by art and actions. Unlike CK, she didn't leave her hometown and stayed behind to student-teach others in her magical art form.

:iconmaylovesakidah: Dogirl

Dogirl is the sole survivor in a race of ancient warriors. When her mistress dies she finds herself alone and seeking a battle fit for a warrior like herself. She finds it in an adoptive sister named Harlette, who tells her of her evil mother when she tried to kill her. Dogirl decides to take the matter into her own hands and battles with the former ruler of Yinller before defeating and killing her in combat. Now Warrior Princess of Yinller, Dogirl finds herself answering to CK and Kitty Kubbles when they learn of Dogirl's acquiring of the island of Pagonia to expand her kingdom.

:iconsabrinashades: Angel the Cat

Once a outgoing young girl Angel was set to be Queen of Angel City. Finding it too boring, she spent the day playing with her fellow wizard friends Carrie and Akari. But those fun days end when Angel's mother dies and she soon accepts that she will have to be the ruler of Angel City. Slowly she turns into a quiet, shy cat who hardly ever talks to anybody. When her schooling is done she tries to reunite with her friends and they form Team Angel Wings to participate in the Great Wizarding Games. Her powers as healer make her a valuable asset to her team.

:iconmissplayer30: Carrie

Carrie is a feisty, rough, and sometimes very aggressive young cat who hates being treated like a prissy little girl. Due to this, she is often outcasted in her hometown of Angel City. But she doesn't care. At all. She has two great friends to hang out with anyway: Akari and Angel. When Angel is taken to become Queen, Carrie remains the old girl she's always been and tries to keep the group together despite all odds. Finally she helps form Team Angel Wings with her powers of enhanced strength on her side.

:iconbarbaaritha: Akari

Akari Wolf is another outcast in Angel City. But at an early age she was the first few friends of Angel. When she discovered Angel was going to be Queen of Angel City, she seemed shocked but not too affected by it. After that they made friends with Carrie and seemed to be a great team! Until Angel went away. Despite Carrie's best attempts, Akari seemed to become bitter and depressed and refused to let anyone close to her in fear of loosing them again. She became sarcastic and found comfort only in her magical guitar. When Angel came back and the three formed Team Angel Wing, Akari still seemed effected by the loss of her friend.

:iconfiregirl1995: Ashley

One of the first supporters of the Wizards of Pagonia, she has followed the team's activates since their first tournament in Dolmen Kingdom.

:iconshannonallaround: Brooklyn Otter

A swamp wizard.

:iconwatery-flame: Zytrix

Once just a cat, Zytrix was transformed into a cat/bat hybrid by the same witch who created Samantha Starstripe. When she escaped she discovered she had the ability to fly and use sonic based powers like enhanced echo location. When flying over the team's pirate ship she decided to have fun and take a closer look. Not knowing she was a friendly, Zenox shot her out of the sky by clipping her wings. CK was able to heal her by using the brush but after that she refused to leave the boat even after she healed.

:iconmr-herp-derp: 8-Bit

Unlike most characters, 8-Bit meets the Pagonians by mistake when he ends up in their arcade game. Now he finds he can't get out without winning a challenge map. He finds he is unable to do that, despite the help of his blue sword, unless he teams up with the Pagonians. With his brains and their magic they help him win the game and he eventually goes home.

:icongirlofhearts101: Flora

A mechanical doll found later in the same lab SIM-N created himself, the Pagonians are intrigued by the small, shy, living doll who has rarely ever been outside the world of the lab. When the group finds her she makes a friend in the team's messenger, Figment, and he teaches her all about the creative process. While Flora has no magical power, she does have the ability to create things just like SIM-N. Usually they are small, but they make a big impact.

WINNER! :iconthyneownslave: Thyne

A strange character, Thyne was once a human until a jealous friend put a wicked curse on her and turned her into a waterstain on the wall. While eventually freeing herself from the wall, Thyne found she was still a strange small, furry creature known as a Waterstain who could only stand on her hind legs for brief seconds at a time. Going into hiding, she meets CK who helps her feel not like an outsider, but like a unique person.

:iconckstudios: CK

Seriously people, it wasn't that hard to guess! Anyway, the story of CK is really the story of Wizards of Pagonia. One of the two founding members CK is an autistic artist who lived on the islands of Pagonia. He is hesitant about going to Dolman City because he is not a wizard and know if he did try to be one he would ultimately fail. When Kitty (his roommate) transforms his ordinary brush into a magical staff capable of dispensing paint and thinner, CK decides it's time to do or do not. And with the Blot hunting him and his friends down, CK must rise to the challenge and become the Wizarding leader he was born to be!

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